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  • Login and other new features

    Posted on July 9th, 2009 admin No comments

    There are a number of new features that are coming in the next couple of days.

    The first, relatively simple, is that new puzzles have a button to allow people to see other publicly listed puzzles by the same author.

    The bigger change is an entire added login system.

    The current system tracks puzzles that you’ve made by a cookie. If you use more than one computer you can only edit and maintain those puzzles you’ve created on that computer. With the new login system, you can pull all of those puzzles together and edit them from any computer.

    You can also add a background image to the puzzles. If you list the puzzles for the public, you should ensure that the puzzles are appropriate for the public.

    If you have an account, your puzzles won’t disappear after two months.

    The down side for all of this is that I am charging $10/year for these new features.
    All of the existing features continue to work, so you’re not losing any ground if you don’t want to sign up for an account.

    See the entire feature list and sign up process at:

    The first puzzle type to go live with these new features is the wordscramble puzzle. The crossword and wordsearch puzzles will be changed in the next few days.

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