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  • Quiz Mode

    Posted on August 13th, 2009 admin No comments

    I have added a way, for registered users, to create a quiz to crossword puzzles.

    In this mode, the puzzle doesn’t have an on-line answer key. When a student solves the puzzle on-line, the answers the student supplied are sent via email to the person who constructed the puzzle.

    There are many ways to cheat, starting with there is really no authentication of the students. They are simply who they say they are. So if you are recording grades, don’t get too carried away. However, this should give an additional tool to help teach students who have an interest in learning.


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    • How to learn is key to today’s world. To stay ahead it is not only learning, also on how effectively and quickly we can learn. Leveraging technology is surely got to be on top to stay ahead. Quizes have been a good way of learning, flash cards are another very effective way of learning.

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