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    Posted on May 7th, 2009 admin No comments

    Welcome to the ArmoredPenguin blog.

    This blog is intended to let me, the operator of, to communicate with the users about recent and upcoming changes.

    When making comments, please keep in mind that many of the users of the web site are children, and that all comments should be suitable for children.

    Another attribute of this blog is that I haven’t ever used wordpress (or other blogging software) before and it’s likely that I will make lots of mistakes and changes as I go along.


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    • Hi
      Seem to be unable to get onto the armoredpenguin site. Is it still up and running,or on another server? I really find your site useful for my students and use it a lot. Kind regards. Sharon.

    • Summer is my slow season. I am taking this weekend to rebuild the machine with a newer operating system and faster disks.
      It should be running by Monday.

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